Monday, December 22, 2008

Inuyasha #15 Return Of The Tragic Priestess Kikyo

After the battle of the clay soldiers Kaede realized that Urasue took Kikyo's bones and Kagome and why. Urarsue put Kagome in a tub full herbs and some form of stinky juice substance to suck her soul out and resurrect Kikyo. Inuyasha and Shippo saw Kagome's soul being sucked out of her body just in time. When Kikyo was resurrected she told them not to speak her name but when Inuyasha saw her he intently said it. Even though Urasue instructed to kill everyone Kikyo killed Urasue and told the others why did Inuyasha killed her. Inuyasha was confused he never laid an evil hand on Kikyo and foresaw that Naraku had shape-shifted into the form of Inuyasha and wounded Kikyo. Kikyo grows angry and attacks Inuyasha. Shippo luckily pulled Kagome out of the tub. Kaede tells the others that Kagome will never awaken until Kikyo vengeance against Inuyasha. When Kikyo wounded Inuyasha, Kagome's body acted in an angered way and half of her soul returned and half in Kikyo. The fully burnt, half alive Urasue tells them that Kikyo stays only alive because her hatred for Inuyasha. Kikyo leaves Inuyasha but eagerly Inuyasha followed and tried to save Kikyo from falling off the cliff [also to give Kagome some of the soul back]. But Kikyo lets go and falls in the thick fog below the cliff.

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